Private Labeling


Kroger’s CEO Rodney McMuller, who oversees the largest supermarket chain in the US (2nd in retail only to Walmart), reported that private label sales exceeded $26.2 billion in sales for 2020.

GoodTimes started pioneered the Private Label experience on Canadian retail shelves almost 60 years ago because we understand the value and profit inherent to build. Setting the bar for helping our customers achieve greater household penetration while building their own brand’s recognition and scope is our mandate. Let us help you curate and level up your Brand, standing on innovative quality SKUS, with pricing that allows you to earn ROI the good way. We absorb the details and manage manufacturing and distribution and quality control, while your Brand enjoys offering products that cannibalize the competition’s market share and promotes the growth, traction and awareness of your Brand.

With over 250+ meticulously sourced products, our team has the ability to change existence into essence. Join the largest U.S. and Canadian retail and food service players in a simple strategy to expand your market basket, and connect with us today. Your brand is all that customers use to judge your business, so take the time to define it thoughtfully before the market does it for you. GoodTimes works alongside your Team to highlight the expertise and experience that you want to share while using your unique value proposition as the compass. Focusing on what you do best, and finding the smart fit products to drive your core message will level up your business.